Virtues and Vices shape the personality

Friends, in this article we will see how the personality of an individual is determined, what are the effects of virtues and defects on an individual's personality and the detrimental effects of our personality defects.

1. How is the temperament of an individual decided ?

Behaviour determines temperament : If a boy lends his things to his friends, then he is called 'helpful'; if he gets angry on minor issues, then he is said to be ‘short-tempered’. If a girl forgets little errands that she is told to do, then she is said to be 'forgetful'. In short, the temperament of a person is decided by his/her behaviour and speech.

2. What are the effects of virtues and defects ?

A child is liked by everyone because of his/her virtues. On the other hand, everyone tries to stay away from people who have several personality defects. Virtues keep children happy, while defects make them unhappy.

3. Common losses arising from personality defects in children

If the number of personality defects is high, then the number of incidences leading to mental stress and unhappiness are more. Such children become dejected and depressed. The examples given below will clarify this :

3 A. In their student life

1. Decrease in concentration in studies.

2. Decrease in self-confidence.

3. Inability to complete homework on time.

4. Inability to get along with friends.

3 B. In daily life

1.Children become introverted and selfish.

2.They become irritable and short-tempered.

3.There are higher chances of them developing vices such as addiction.

4.Such children eventually end up in bad company and develop bad habits such as stealing, hooliganism etc.

Children, from this article you must have understood, how detrimental our personality defects can be. So let us resolve to make sincere efforts to eliminate our personality defects, from now itself.

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