The process of personality defect removal

1. Definition

‘Personality defect removal’ means getting rid of one’s personality defects.The process of ‘personality defect removal‘ is a systematic process, that is to be followed regularly in order to overcome one’s personality defects.

2. Importance

2 A. Being able to lead a happy and ideal life :You must have realised from the discussion in previous articles what losses are suffered in daily life due to our personality defects. Due to personality defects, our life becomes sorrowful and depressing. The process of personality defect removal helps in gaining control over our defects, leading to enhancement of virtues. Thus, our life becomes cheerful and ideal.

2 B. True development of personality :Several children receive higher education. So as to make their personality ideal, they adopt different paths such as becoming skilled in the field they love, studying different languages, answering competitive examinations, making the physical body supple through exercise and play.

In reality, true personality development occurs by overcoming personality defects such as fear, lack of concern for others etc. Only such a defect-free personality can impress other people or the society. Thus, for personality development there is no alternative to eliminating one’s personality defects.

2 C. Being able to face difficult situations easily :The mental state of several children gets disturbed in difficult situations. The process of personality-defect removal improves concentration of the mind, makes the mind strong and activates the vivekbuddhi (the intellect to discriminate between right and wrong). Thus, even in a difficult situation the individual remains steady and is able to stop the mind from performing inappropriate or impulsive actions.

2 D. Being able to remain a forerunner in today’s competitive era :The process of personality-defect removal does not spend mental energy on unwanted things. That is why the full potential of an individual is utilised and one can remain a forerunner in today’s competitive era.

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