Autosuggestions about progress

Why should on take autosuggestions about progress ?

There is a possibility of a person getting depressed due to constant awareness of personality defects through autosuggestions. To prevent this, an autosuggestion about the progress, that has taken place after the process of personality defect removal was started, is given. This increases enthusiasm and encourages the mind to overcome personality defects.

When to give the autosuggestion on progress and for how long ?

Before beginning each autosuggestion session, give the autosuggestion for progress only once. (Refer this article for an outline of the autosuggestion session)

Examples of autosuggestion for progress

Reduction in personality defect : Due to the PD of not being punctual, Ms. Sadhana was always late to school. When she realised the importance of overcoming this PD, she gave autosuggestions on it for a week. Subsequently, she was able to go to school on time. This shows that there was reduction in her PD of not being punctual. Ms. Sadhana can give the autosuggestion for progress as given ahead.

Autosuggestion for progress : Since I gave the autosuggestion for going to school on time, I have started going to school on time. This is my progress. If I give autosuggestions regularly in this manner, then all other personality defects too will be eliminated.

Dear parents, monitor your child’s progress in the personality defect she/he has chosen for the process. When you start noticing a change in the behaviour, encourage them to take an autosuggestion about the progress.

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