Layout of an autosuggestion session

Dear children, we have seen how autosuggestions are effective in combating personality defects. We have also seen how to frame autosuggestions. Now let us see how to effectively use this technique.

Number of autosuggestion sessions during the day

A. Plan your sessions; for example, one in the morning, one during the school recess, the third after returning home from school, the fourth before dinner and the fifth before going to bed.

B. As far as possible, decide on the exact time of these sessions.

C. Keep a gap of at least 1 hour between two sessions.

D. Sit in a convenient and quiet place to perform these sessions.

Duration of an autosuggestion session

The general rule is that every session should last eight minutes; however, this can vary. The breakup is as follows.


Min : seconds

1. Praying to the Kuladevata 0:15
2. Chanting the Name of Kuladevata or the Upasyadevata  0:45
3. Autosuggestion on progress once 0:15
4. Give the first autosuggestion 5 times 2:00
5. Chant again 0:15
6. Give the second autosuggestion 5 times 2:00
7. Chant again 0:15
8. Give the third autosuggestion 5 times 2:00
9. Express gratitude (See note) 0:15
Total 8:00

Giving autosuggestions means paying appropriate attention to the words in the autosuggestion and repeating them mentally. Giving it five times means repeating it five times. However, since the autosuggestion in technique 3 (Rehearsing a situation) is rather long, it should be given only once in one session.

Note : An outline of how gratitude should be expressed – ‘O God ! With your grace, I am giving autosuggestions to overcome my personality defects. Hence, I offer gratitude unto Your Holy feet’.

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