Tips for framing autosuggestions

Dear children, now that we have gone through the different methods of framing autosuggestions, let us have a look at some points that should be kept in mind.

1. Use simple language

The autosuggestions should be written in a simple, short and precise language. The autosuggestion in method 3 (Rehearing the situation) should have approximately 8 to 10 sentences.

2. Use positive words

Do not use negative words such as 'no, not, do not want', etc. while framing an autosuggestion.

2 A. Wrong autosuggestion : When my mother tells me to turn off the T.V. and sit for studying, I will not get angry with her.

2 B. Appropriate autosuggestion : When I get angry on my mother when she tells me to turn off the T.V. and study, I will realise that she is telling me so because my examinations will begin within a few days, and I will calmly turn off the T.V. and immediately sit for studying.

3. Write the autosuggestion in the present tense

The autosuggestion should not be in the past tense. In autosuggestion methods 1 and 2, the autosuggestions should be in the present tense, while in method 3, they should be in the present continuous tense.

4. How to refer to oneself ?

While framing an autosuggestion, refer to yourself as 'I, My, Myself, Mine' etc. Never refer to yourself as 'Ours, We'.

5. Frame the autosuggestion exactly according to the incident.

The autosuggestion should be specific. In case it is about a person, do not generaliseas 'If someone', instead use the person's name.

5 A. Wrong autosuggestion : Whenever I am performing a task untidily, I will become aware of it and do it tidily.

5 B. Some appropriate autosuggestions

1. Whenever I am packing my school bag with notebooks and textbooks, I will become aware of it and will neatly stack notebooks on one side and textbooks on the other and pack it systematically.

2. Whenever I keep my slippers untidily, I will become aware of my defect of untidiness and will keep the slippers neatly.

6. Write down the correct perspective

To prevent repetition of a mistake, it is essential to give the mind the correct perspective. For this, one should include the correct perspective in the autosuggestion.

1. Ordinary autosuggestion : Whenever I stuff the clothes in my cupboard untidily, I will become aware of it and fold them neatly and keep them in the cupboard.

2. Autosuggestion with the correct perspective : Whenever I stuff the clothes in the cupboard untidily, I will realise that 'I have to become an ideal child' and will fold my clothes neatly and keep them in the cupboard.

7. Take up only one defect to frame an autosuggestion

Include only one defect in one autosuggestion; for example, when a student does not study a particular subject, it could be because of two defects, that is, 'lack of concentration' and 'lack of seriousness in studies'. At such times, while framing an autosuggestion, choose only one of the two defects and frame a suggestion.

Parents, help your children to frame autosuggestions. Assist them until they are able to frame autosuggestions by themselves flawlessly.