Develop confidence and overcome fear by rehearsing a situation

Friends, in the previous articles we have gone through the first and second methods of framing autosuggestions. Now let us see method number 3 of framing an autosuggestion.

Autosuggestion method 3 : Rehearsing the situation

A. Utility of the autosuggestion technique : In this method one steadies the mind by chanting for a while. Then he rehearses in the mind how he will face a difficult situation successfully. Thereafter, when he actually has to face the situation he can face it with confidence, without any stress.

In this autosuggestion you have to imagine positive situations or whatever you desire. After imagining in an autosuggestion even if the desired result does not occur, the mind becomes strong to face the situation. The last sentence of the autosuggestion should be more or less thus – (The thing) that I feared has not occurred, hence I will be more confident next time.

This method is useful for overcoming wrong reactions in incidents lasting for more than a minute or two.

B. Personality defects which can be overcome with this method of autosuggestion : Fear about exams (exam stress), fear of conversation, interview, elocution competition etc.

Let us see some examples to understand clearly the utility of this method of autosuggestion :

Incident – Sadanand is nervous about the history examination next Monday.

Personality defect – Fear

Autosuggestion – Sadanand should repeat the following autosuggestion in his mind. – ‘My history examination is scheduled for Monday. I am fully prepared for the examination. I am calmly going through the History notes. Now I feel I shall be able to answer all the questions very well. I have reached the examination hall on time. The first bell has rung. I am sitting on my seat very calmly. Now the second bell has rung. The teacher hands out the question paper to me. Reading all the questions and the marks allotted to each of them, I decide which questions to attempt. All the questions are easy. I am able to write every answer satisfactorily. The warning bell has rung, 10 minutes prior to the final bell. I quickly go through the answer paper to check whether anything has been left out. The final bell has rung and I hand over the answer paper to the supervisor. I have returned home and I am telling my family members how well I have answered the paper. As today’s paper was easy, my self-confidence has grown. I am now going to rest for a while and then start preparing for tomorrow’s subject enthusiastically. Thinking thus, I rest on my bed.

Note that all the sentences are in present tense. So, in the autosuggestions that you frame, remember to use only present tense, as if you are facing the situation.

Friends, instead of becoming worried and nervous in a difficult situation, let us give our mind autosuggestions of this method and face the situation with confidence.

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