Substituting inappropriate reactions with appropriate reactions

Friends, let us see method number 2 of framing an autosuggestion.

Autosuggestion method 2 : Appropriate reaction

Utility of this method : In every situation, a person gives some reaction or response. It might be either appropriate or inappropriate. Inappropriate or negative reactions occur due to the defects in the person’s personality; whereas appropriate or positive reactions occur as a result of the person’s virtues / positive qualities. By giving autosuggestions continuously for a few weeks, inappropriate reactions in the mind are substituted by appropriate ones; whereas in the subconscious mind, the sanskar of defects decreases and that of virtues is created. Thus, one is able to generate positive thoughts in the mind and react appropriately to any given situation. This method of autosuggestion is useful in incidents that last for less than a minute or two.

Framing of an autosuggestion : ‘Whenever during …….. I do this/think …… I will realise the importance of performing ……….. (the right action/having the right thought) and perform it.’

Personality defects which can be overcome with this autosuggestion method : Criticising others, irritability, short-temper, quarrelsome nature, remorseless nature, stubbornness, suspicious nature etc.

Incident 1

As Ramdas was playing outdoors for quite some time, he had not completed his studies. So his father toldhim, “You have played long enough, now start studying.” Ramdas wanted to play for some more time; hence, when his father made him aware that he had to study, he felt hurt.

Personality defect – Feeling hurt

Autosuggestion – When my father tells me to stop playing and start studying, I will realise that my father is telling me to study so that I pass the examination with good marks and will immediately start studying.

Incident 2

Samarpan’s class teacher told him to become the monitor of the class. However he felt that it was beyond his capacity to take up this extra responsibility of controlling so many children along with his studies and so he told the teachers that he was unable to accept the post.

Personality defect – Lack of self-confidence

Autosuggestion – Whenever my teacher asks me to take up the responsibility of monitoring the class, I will realise that this is an excellent opportunity for me to develop my personality and will accept it immediately.

Incident 3

Premanand was annoyed with his father when he asked where he had been when he returned home late at night.

Personality defect – Short-temper and arrogance

Autosuggestion – Whenever my father asks me the reason for coming home late, I shall realise that he is asking so because he is concerned about me and I shall politely tell him that I was late because I was playing.

Incident 4

As Nityanand did not secure the marks he expected in the examination he started thinking that, “As I have low intelligence, I will never be successful in life. What is the use of studying so hard ?”

Personality defect – Developing an inferiority complex

Autosuggestion – When I develop such feelings of inferiority that ‘I will never be successful in life’, I will remind myself that failure is the stepping stone to success and will start studying again with enthusiasm.

Friends, along with autosuggestions, the mind should be given the appropriate perspective. A student who has failed the examination can think of this – ‘Scientists make new discoveries and inventions in science. In the beginning, all are unsuccessful; but instead of developing an inferiority complex, they perseveringly continue with their research. That is why, they finally succeed’.

Children, let us give the appropriate perspectives to our mind through the medium of autosuggestions and thus proceed towards the path of success.

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