Recognising the wrong action and correcting it

Children, to overcome defects the mind needs to be given autosuggestions. Let us see some methods of framing these autosuggestions.

1. What are ‘autosuggestions’ ?

An autosuggestion is a self-made suggestion given to your subconscious mind to replace a wrong action, wrong thought or wrong reaction by a right action, right thought and right reaction.

In simple words, it is a suggestion given to the subconscious mind to substitute a wrong deed done by oneself with the right one. Autosuggestion is to make the mind accept the view understood by it very affectionately. In this, the individual gives the appropriate suggestion to the subconscious mind.
Suppose you wake up late in the morning because of laziness, then your daily chores are delayed. Your delay in going to school or the study class makes you irritable. To avoid this, you need to overcome the defect of ‘laziness’. For that, you need to tell your mind that, ‘when the alarm rings in the morning, I will wake up at once, or when mother calls out to me I will wake up at once’. Telling this to the mind constantly is called ‘autosuggestion’.

2. Autosuggestion method 1 : Recognising the wrong action and correcting it

A.Utility of this autosuggestion method : By giving autosuggestion using this method, the child is able to recognize his inappropriate thoughts, emotions or actions and gain control over them.

B.Framing of an autosuggestion : ‘When I …….. act /think/react due to the defect of ……, I will become aware of it and act/think……. .’

C.Personality defects which can be overcome due to this autosuggestion method : Using this autosuggestion method, the following personality defects and wrong actions can be overcome –

Lack of concentration, impatience, carelessness, untidiness, not punctual, laziness, over analytical, attention-seeking, selfishness, indecisiveness, immorality, suspiciousness, pride, arrogance, day-dreaming etc. It also helps to overcome habits such as nail-biting, stammering, bed-wetting even after the age of 8 years etc.

Now let us see some examples of autosuggestions.

Incident 1

​Gurudas was inattentive while doing his Maths homework. After every few minutes, he would look here and there

Personality defect – ‘Lack of concentration’ is a superficial personality defect. However, the root one is ‘lack of seriousness about studies’. For first two weeks, give autosuggestions to overcome ‘lack of concentration’. However, later there is need to give an autosuggestion on ‘lack of seriousness about studies’.


1.Autosuggestion for the defect ‘lack of concentration’ – Whenever my mind gets distracted while doing my homework, I will immediately realise it and will try to again concentrate my mind on my homework.
2.Autosuggestion for ‘lack of seriousness in study’ – When studying mathematics whenever I get distracted, I will keep in mind that I have to get full marks in my Mathematics exam. So I must study it with full concentration.

Incident 2

After returning home from school, Archana threw her school uniform and bag on her bed.

Personality defect – Untidiness

Autosuggestion – After returning home from school when I am about to throw my school bag onto the bed, I shall become aware of it, and thinking that my bag is the Deity of Knowledge itself, I will place it gently onto my study table.

Incident 3

Devidas was relaxing at home. His mother told him to fetch chillies and coriander from the nearby store for her cooking. He refused to run the errand claiming that he was busy studying.

Personality defect – Laziness

Autosuggestion – When mother tells me to fetch chillies and coriander from the nearby store for her cooking and I feel lazy to do it, I will become aware that if I do not fetch it for her it will spoil her dish and I will immediately go and buy it.

Incident 4

During class, Aarti was dreaming about what snack her mother must have prepared at home.

Personality defect – Useless thinking

Autosuggestion – When the class is in progress and I start thinking about what snack mother must have prepared at home, I will realise that if I pay attention to what is being taught, I will be able to study that subject better and immediately pay attention to what is being taught.

Only 30% thoughts in the entire day are useful, the remaining 70% are unnecessary, rather useless. Some thoughts are relative to an individual while others are relative to incidents. Mental energy is unnecessarily wasted because of these useless thoughts. If you start getting such useless thoughts, then immediately start reading. If that is not possible then start chanting.

Incident 5

In school during the Marathi class, Prarthana was dreaming about how everyone was appreciating her beautiful attire and hairstyle at the school get-together.

Personality defect – Day-dreaming

Autosuggestion – When I start day-dreaming in class, I will become aware that the lesson being taught is important from the examination point of view and will pay attention to it at once.

Children, giving autosuggestions is so simple. Eliminating your personality defects too is equally simple. So, let us make sincere efforts to get rid of our personality defects from today itself.

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