​Abhimanyu was the son of Arjun and Subhadra. He was brave like Arjun. He was well conversant with all kinds of arms and weaponry. The heroism exhibited by this young hero is incomparable. Abhimanyu fought the mighty Kaurava warriors with his life at stake and died a hero’s death. Let us learn about this great warrior!

​Dronacharya was the General of the Kaurava army during the Kaurava-Pandava war at Kurukshetra. He was unhappy because of the consistent defeats inflicted upon the Kauravas by the Pandava army. To defeat the Pandavas, Dronacharya arranged his army in a maze formation, called the Chakravyuh. Dronacharya knew that except Shrikrushna and Arjun, nobody could penetrate the maze. Srikrushna had taken an oath not to hold any weapon and Arjun was busy fighting far away. Pandavas were worried and in a dilemma about what to do. Abhimanyu came forward and said to Yudhishtir, “Uncle, give me permission. I can penetrate the maze”.Yudhistirwas aware of Abhimanyu’s bravery and skill; but he had some reservations to give permission, as Abhimanyu was very young. When a worried Yudhistir tried to dissuade Abhimanyu from doing so, the brave lad told his uncle not to worry about him.On Abhimanyu’s insistence he reluctantly gave his approval. Brave Abhimanyu was only sixteen years of age then.

Upon seeking blessings from Yudhistir and other Pandavas, Abhimanyu entered the maze set up by Kauravas. This lad of 16 managed to do what other great charioteers of the Pandava army had failed to do. His soldiers accompanied him. He went deeper and deeper inside the maze while fighting. But his soldiers were unable to follow him as they were being blocked by fierce warriors of the Kaurava army. Unaware of this Abhimanyu forged ahead and on his way he massacred enemy soldiers, elephants and horses. Dronacharya and other warriors were deeply troubled. Kauravas were amazed to see his courage. Ultimately the Kauravas decided to attack Abhimanyu from all the sides. So many of the Kaurava warriors surrounded the young boy and tried to force him to surrender. But Abhimanyu did not relent, and fought all of them with exemplary courage!

But struck by an arrow Abhimanyu fell unconscious while fighting. In that condition, Dushasana struck him with his club, causing Abhimanyu’s death.Abhimanyu, the young boy who tormented mighty Kaurava warriors, died a heroic death. Jayadratha shamelessly kicked Abhimanyu’s head. Pandavas were enraged because by Jayadratha’s disrespectful behaviour of kickingAbhimanyu’s corpse. Arjun at once took an oath to kill Jayadratha before sunset the following day. Arjun avenged his son’s death by fulfilling his oath.

Children, this is how bravery and courage must be!Abhimanyu, in his young age exhibited unparalleled heroism. Everything can be achieved with bravery.