The present outlook of people towards education !

         10-15 years ago I had gone to visit a doctor. I was sitting in the waiting room as he was talking with someone in his cabin. A person familiar with the doctor had come along with his son to meet the doctor.

         He had come to give sweets to the doctor as his son had passed his 12th standard exams with flying colours. The dispensary was small, so I was able to listen to their conversation. The following conversation took place between them.

Doctor : What have you decided to do further?

Son : I will fill forms for both engineering and medicine entrance exams. If I manage to get admission in engineering course then I will do that only.

Doctor : No, don’t do like that. Listen to me. Take admission in a medical college. You can earn lots of money by becoming a doctor. Look at me. After becoming a doctor, within 1 to 2 years I owned a bungalow and a car; but it took my brother who is an engineer 10 years to earn the same amount of money.

         Children, remember that wealth, fame and riches are all temporary. Only knowledge is permanent and stays with us for a lifetime

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