I Am Third

Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Ramesh who was very popular among his family, friends and teachers at school. He was a good leader, a distinction student, an all-rounder and a good role model for all the students. Everybody loved him so much, it was almost as if he had cast a spell on those around him.

Narendra, one of Ramesh's friends, once decided to find the secret to Ramesh's success. With this intention in mind, he visited Ramesh's house. He found Ramesh's room to be very simple and neat. On one of the walls in the room hung a large, handmade plaque with the words, 'I am third' on it. When Narendra asked Ramesh what it meant Ramesh replied, "That is the motto by which I try to live. It has made my life very easy and stress-free. It means that God is first, others are second and I am third."

Moral: The driving force in everyone's life is to acquire permanent happiness, which can be achieved only by living according to God's will. As one puts the needs and pleasures of others (pareccha) before his own (sweccha), one gradually begins to understand God's wish (Îshwareccha) and is soon able to follow it.