Progress doesn’t occur if desires entrap us !

A man was on his way to Gokul. He had to use a boat to cross the river Yamuna to reach there. He was in an intoxicated state and was not in his senses, yet he set off on his journey. He sat in the boat and started rowing. He rowed the boat for the whole night. At sunrise, he saw that he had reached a place which looked like Mathura; so he asked somebody, “which place is this?”. To his surprise, he was told that it was Mathura. He realised that due to his intoxicated state, he had failed to let go off the rope that tied the boat to the shore. Therefore, despite rowing the boat whole night he was in the same place.

Similarly, if we do not let go off our desires which bind us to life (lifeboat), then we will never be able to reach God.

-Dr. Vasant Balaji Athavale (year 1990)

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