Sage Jadbharat ignored his insult to maintain the dignity/prestige of Satsang

Once the King Rahugan was sitting in a palanquin and was going to the hermitage of Sage Kapil. One of the four bearers carrying the palanquin fell sick on the way. So, the king ordered his men, "Bring anybody who comes across you to carry the palanquin." The servants saw Jadbharat on the way. He appeared to be very strong; so they brought him to help them carry the king’s palanquin and Jadbharat had to join them.

However, while he was carrying the palanquin, the King insulted Jadbharat. He said, “You do not walk properly. You walk in a zigzag way. This is causing a great discomfort to me. I cannot keep myself steady.” While travelling, once the king’s head dashed against the wooden frame of the palanquin. The annoyed king told Jadbharat, “You will be fined for this”. Jadbharat had never taken any money or food from the king (that is, he was not under any obligation of the king); yet the king because of his high ego inclined to thrash him. Jadbharat thought to himself, the king can only harm my body, not my soul; so I shall keep silence. Further Jadbharat thought, “I am carrying the king Rahugan. If the king goes to hell (after his death) due to his ego, then it would harm the greatness of satsang.” People will say, “despite remaining in the company of the Sage Jadbharat, the king suffered the pains of hell.” In order to maintain the greatness of satsang (Holy Company), Jadbharat broke his silence and started talking to the king.

​Jadbharat advised the king “O. King, I wish for your well-being. You are going to Sage Kapil for his guidance; so go there without your ego.” Realising his mistake, the king Rahugan apologised to Jadbharat and that is why Jadbharat gave him the experience of atmadnyan (Getting enlightened with Supreme Knowledge).

– Dr. Vasant Balaji Athavale (Year 1990)