Once, there was a disciple who used to go his Guru (spiritual Master) everyday and say, “Master, please give me Gurupadesh (Spiritual wisdom).” However, the Guru used to tell him, “Come tomorrow." When he went back the next day, the Guru again used to say to him, “Come tomorrow.” This went on for ten days and then finally, the disciple said to his Guru, “O Guruji, please give me spiritual wisdom now!” That time, the Guru said to him, “Come alone, why do you bring so many people with you?” The disciple was surprised to hear this because he always used to go to his Guru all alone. The same thing happened on second and third day. Finally, the disciple gathered courage and asked his Guru, “Guruji, why do you always tell me that I bring many people with me, although I always come alone?” The Guru replied, “My dear, do you know how many thoughts there are in your mind? There are thoughts of lust, anger, greed, fascination, haughtiness, jealousy, hypocrisy” Samarth has said that worldly life itself is the sixth enemy, but we have tightly embraced the domestic life. Then the disciple realised that he should wipe out all these thoughts from his mind, only then will his Guru give him spiritual wisdom !

The moral here is that our mind should become pure. Only then will we understand the meaning of pious conduct and good behaviour. When our deeds will be pious, the fruit of Moksha (Final liberation) is inevitable !