Ideal of morality

Maharshi Charak, the Father of Ayurveda, was wandering along with his disciple through dense forests, farms and beautiful hills and valleys in search of medicinal herbs. On their way, they came across a farm, where Maharshi Charak’s eyes fell on a beautiful flower. Never in his life had he seen such a unique flower with matchless beauty. He wanted to pluck this beautiful flower from the farm, but because of his high moral values, his mind was hesitating to do so. He was feeling very uneasy to do so. The disciple quickly realised this condition of his Guru. He politely said to Maharshi Charak, “Guruji, if you allow, shall I offer this flower at your service?”

Maharshi Charak replied, “My dear, I certainly want this beautiful flower, but if I pluck it without the permission of the owner of the farm, it will amount to robbery.” The disciple was speechless on seeing such high moral standards of his Guru. Maharshi further said, “There is no similarity in leading a virtuous life and a royal edict. If a king uses the wealth of his subjects according to his own free will, then how can he be called an ideal of morality?” Saying this, Maharshi started walking towards farm owner’s house, which was 3 miles away from the farm. Only after seeking the owner’s permission, Maharshi Charak went to the farm and plucked the beautiful flower he wanted.

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