The king who gave the feast

There once was a king who was deeply worried by the behaviour of his ministers and courtiers. Whenever there was a feast at the palace, he noticed that none of the nobles and aristocrats gathered together on the occasion, ever paused to offer a prayer to the Lord before eating their meals. They just gulped down their food laughing and chatting away, without any thought of thanking The Lord.

One day the king decided to teach them a lesson. He ordered a great feast to be held at the palace for all the beggars and the poor in his kingdom.

Hundreds of people arrived at the palace on the appointed day, some of whom were unwashed, stinking and in rags. When the delicious food was set before them, they simply pounced on it, and pushed, grabbed and ate as much as they could. The king, who watched all this from his terrace was completely forgotten.

The ministers and courtiers, who had been invited to be present at the occasion, expressed their utter disgust at such behavior. "Such people should never have been invited to the palace!" they sneered.

"Something seems to trouble you," remarked the king calmly to his nobles. "Oh, Sir," they complained. "We are shocked at the ingratitude of these savage men. Not a word of thanks have they given to their king and sovereign, who has set such a feast before them!"

"Everyday, the King of kings, the Lord sets before us such a feast," replied the king. "How many of us pause to thank the Lord, Who is the provider of all? Are we any better than these, whom you have called savages?"

The nobles bowed their heads in shame.

Moral: We often forget that God is the King of the entire world and provider of even the little things that we enjoy in our day-to-day life. We should always thank the Lord for every thing and what better way there is than chanting His Name continuously!

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