The rich woodcutter

There once lived a woodcutter who was very poor. One day while cutting wood he felt thirsty and on looking around found a little hut nearby. Inside the hut was a Saint doing spiritual practice.

The woodcutter went in and humbly requested of Him for a cup of water. After drinking the water the woodcutter asked the Saint, “I suffer everyday and am still not able to keep my family happy. Oh, Holy One, why don’t You, who are doing spiritual practice for realising God, make my life better? Why don’t You pray to God for me and He will definitely listen to Your prayers and make me happy.”

The Saint replied, “Why do you want me to ask God for such simple things? I shall myself solve your problem.” Saying so, He directed the woodcutter to the next jungle. On going there the woodcutter was surprised to find the jungle full of sandalwood. He was very happy that from now on he would earn better and not have to work everyday.

A few months passed and the woodcutter started wishing for more. Again he visited the Saint who guided him to another jungle. This time the woodcutter found a copper mine and was even happier as he could satisfy all his needs now.

This way his wishes started growing, and he kept on visiting the Saint who guided him to a few more neighbouring jungles where he found silver, gold and diamond mines. As time went by the woodcutter became very rich and had enough wealth to last for several generations of his family.

But one day he felt that something is still lacking. As usual he visited the Saint and asked, “Oh, Holy man, I have received all the wealth of this world by Your blessings, but still feel that I am lacking something. I am not at peace and feel that my search is not yet over. Why am I feeling like this?” To that, the Saint answered, “My dear woodcutter, you will get the answer of your question in the very last jungle, and I promise that after that there will not be any need to visit me.”

The woodcutter now went in search of the last jungle and was wondering what he would find there. To his surprise, he found a Yogi (a highly evolved Saint) immersed in deep meditation and experiencing Bliss. Just by looking at the Yogi the woodcutter felt peace. Running to Him, the woodcutter touched His feet and pleaded to let him also enjoy the happiness the Yogi was experiencing.

The all-knowing Yogi opened His eyes and accepted the woodcutter as His disciple. In this way the woodcutter was able to get a Guru and attained everlasting Bliss by doing spiritual practice.

Moral: If wealth could give permanent happiness, then the rich people in the world would not have any suffering or sorrow. Only the constant experience of God can make one happy. By undertaking the simple spiritual practice of chanting God's Name continually, we can be in God’s company wherever we go.