Send out your best and the best will come to you

A little boy lived near a valley. He used to be spellbound by the sound, which echoed from the other side of the valley when he shouted out loudly. He imagined that another little boy just like him lived on the other side. What started off as an entertaining game soon became an unfriendly happening.

“I hate you!” he would cry out.

“I hate you!” the echo would come back.

“He is a mean boy, I hate him!” the little one complained to his mother.

“Just for once, why don’t you try telling him ‘I love you’?” suggested his mother one day.

Reluctantly, the little boy agreed. Overcoming his hatred, he screamed his heart out across the valley, “I love you!”

Pat came the reply, “I love you! I love you!”

The boy rushed back to his mother to announce excitedly, “Mom, I have a friend on the other side!”

Moral: Our mind is like the valley in this story. Whatever thoughts one thinks ‘bounce back’, that is, they strengthen the source of the thought, deep in one’s mind. Thus, one should always have pure thoughts in mind. The purest thought is that of God, and the easiest way to keep Him in mind is by repeating His Name (chanting) throughout the day.

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