Student wishes

         Four students, namely Gopal, Govind, Narayan and Shankar were sent for studies at a gurukul. In a few years they completed their education and were ready to leave the gurukul. Before leaving, they went to pay obeisance to their Guru. The Guru, satisfied with their progress and successful completion of studies, asked each of them what token from the gurukul they would like to carry along that would serve as a remembrance of the gurukul.

         After deep thought on what token would serve such a purpose, each of them responded as follows.

         Gopal said, “Guruji, I love your umbrella and would like it as a token that would remind me of You and my days in this gurukul.”

         Govind said, “Guruji, I would like to have Your notebook that has Your important notes and teaching points on spirituality. It would help me continue my spiritual practice in the future, and will also remind me of all the years spent in the gurukul.”

         Narayan said, “I would love to have at least a dozen of the handmade notebooks made by our gurukul students, which I could use later in my life. Every time I write on them, I will be reminded about the gurukul and You, Guruji.”

         Shankar said, “Guruji, You have already given me God’s Name to repeat, which has given me everything, and so I don’t need anything else from You. Every time I repeat this Name, not only do I remember You, but I also feel close to God. Therefore, I have everything that I should have in my life.”

         The Guru was very happy with Shankar’s reply and blessed him with His complete Grace.

Moral: Regular spiritual practice of repeating God’s Name can give us Bliss, which is far superior to the temporary happiness gained from all the material riches of the world.

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