The men who drew circles

Once, a yogi, a priest and a man called Namdev were discussing religion. When they started talking about their own sacrifice for God, the yogi said, “I draw a circle. Whatever I earn, I throw up in the air. Whatever falls within the circle, I offer to God and keep the rest for myself.”

The priest said, “I, too, draw a circle and throw up in the air, everything that I earn. However, I keep for myself whatever falls within the circle and offer the rest to God.”

Now it was Namdev’s turn to talk about his sacrifice for God. He said, “I do neither. When I earn something, I throw it up in the air and say, ‘O God, please take whatever you want.’ I then keep for me whatever falls on the ground.”

Moral: Dear friends, As we know, whatever we throw up comes back down. Thus, Namdev was offering nothing to God. Many religious people are like Namdev; they sacrifice for God expecting to get it all back. However, real sacrifice for God happens when we sacrifice without expecting anything in return. By sharing our toys with others, learning to give our best to God and all the activities that we do, we can learn to sacrifice for God, without expecting anything in return.

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