Faith can move mountains!

In a village lived a priest. He would perform puja and offer food to God daily without fail. One day, he had to go out of the village for some work. So, before leaving he asked his son to offer prasad to God, without fail, in his absence.

The boy was overjoyed to be given such a responsibility! So, the next day, he woke up early in the morning, took a bath, enthusiastically placed the plate of food in front of the statue of God and sat there waiting for God to eat the food! But the statue of God would not move nor talk, leave alone eat the offering! The boy had complete faith that God Himself would come and eat the offering. But for a long time the statue of God did not show any sign of eating.

After waiting for some time, the boy could take it no longer! He pleaded, “O God, why don’t you come and have the food that we have offered you? Don’t you like this food?” When he heard no reply from God, the boy began to cry.

He said, “If you don’t eat the food, I will dash my head to pieces right this moment!” So saying, the boy proceeded to strike his head against the altar. Just then, a great miracle took place. Seeing the boy’s intense faith, God Himself appeared and looking at the boy with a pleased smile, and proceeded to eat the food!

Seeing this, the boy was very happy. He joyfully ran to his mother with the empty plate of prasad to tell her about God’s appearance. When his mother saw the empty plate, she scolded him, “Son, you ate all the prasad by yourself! At least you could have waited till we distributed it to everyone in the house.” But when she heard her son’s story, she was moved to tears. She said to him, “Really, you have great faith! All our lives, we did puja every day without fail, but you pleased God in one day with your great faith!”

Moral: Intense faith has great power! As they say, faith can move mountains, so also we should try and build faith like the boy from the story.