Assassination of Comarade Govind Pansare and aspects of Investigation

It does not happen that in case of Satish Shetty murder case ANS, Bhartiya Communists Party, the so called social worker Saptarshi, Bhai Vaidya and Nikhil Vagale from Maharashtra initiated protest march, strikes etc. Media curses Hinduists and Sanatan activitist always but 10% of this is not seen on media in these last 5 years. This is the entire scenaries.

Continuous waves of extravagant, furious and irresponsible accusations started. As always, The allegations are to malign the the nationalists and Hinduists by the so called radical/rationalist, communists and socialists . The only demand remains to be made from these people that if any person is assassinated and assailant is not found within 24 hours, then it should be assumed that ‘The Hinduist have committed the murder’ and a legislation be passed to bring into effect this assumption. Had it been within their capacity, they would have brought a ban on the very word ‘Hindutva’ . In these circumstances it seems necessary to put forth some other matters of murder before society. Hence this article is written

1. Sister Abhaya Murder Case

27th march 1992 : A 19 years old Nun , studying and living in a hostel at St. Pius X Convent was found dead drowning in a water well. Sister Abhaya was a member of ‘St. Joseph’s Congregation For Women’ under the Syria Malabar Catholic.

She had woken up at 4 a.m. to study and had gone to kitchen for drinking water. Thereafter she was found dead in well. The refrigerator door was left open, water was spilled over and water bottle was lying there. The local police station concluded that the death was a suicide and closed the file.

7th April 1992 : The investigation was transferred to Crime Branch of Kerala police due to the indignation in the society about the event. The Crime Branch again concluded Sister Abhaya’s death as a suicide.

29th March 1993 : The matter was handed over to CBI for investigation. Varghese P. Thomas was the investigation officer.

30th December 1993 : Despite of his seven years of service,  Varghese P. Thomas resigned from the service of CBI.

19th January 1994 : Varghese Thomas called a special press conference. He said in the conference that he resigned because he had reached a conclusion that this was not a suicide by a case of murder, but was pressurized by his his senior Mr. V. Tyagrajan to record the death of Abhaya as suicide. Hence due to pressure from senior officer he resigned from the service of CBI.

Thereafter  Tyagrajan was removed from the Investigation. Still then the investigation was not carried on in proper direction. The Court had also recorded that ‘Some invisible hands are interrupting the investigation of the death of Abhaya.’

2. How far the Investigation done by CBI is true ?

August 2007 : CBI conducted Narco Analysis test of Father Thomas Kottur, Father Jos Puthurukkayil and Sister Sephy. the Narco Analysis test report were sent to Chief Judicial Magistrate Court, Ernakulam and to Hon’ble High Court. The Hon’ble High Court mentioned that the narco analysis CD’s produced before Court might have been manipulated. Finally the Chief Judicial Magistrate was directed to sent the CD’s for verification to Assistant director of Forensic Laboratory. The Laboratory, Trivendram submitted their findings that the Cd’s have been manipulated for more than 30 times. Court ordered CBI to produce original CD’s within 10 days. CBI took the stand  that the CD’s have not been manipulated firstly but when  Hon’ble High Court kept on insisting, CBI produced it.

19th November 2008 :  Father Thomas Kuttur, Father Jos Porthrikkayil and Sister Sephy were arrested by CBI in Abhaya murder case. In 1992, when Sister Abhaya went to bring water in the kitchen she saw  the two fathers and nun in a ”objectionable condition” Then Sister Sephy attacked Abhaya with an axe on her head and all three  dumped her in well.

1st January 2009 : On 1st Jan 2009, Kerala High Court Justice K. Hema granted conditional bail to all three of them. But CBI had pleaded that matter should not be heard before K.Hema’s Court as she was ”prejudiced towards the case.”

17th July 2009 : CBI filed a charge sheet in the Court of  Chief Judicial Magistrate, Ernakulam.

From the news available the case is not yet been decided. Some say that one of the Kerala’s Christian political leader was trying to suppress the case. The sequence of events and its particulars are still available internet and also on Wikipedia.

None of the accused was a Hindu activist, still nobody is convicted in the murder.

3. Dr. Narendra Dabholkar Murder Case

An Anti-superstition activist Dr. Narendra Dabholkar was (Andhashradha Nirmulan (?) Samiti ) shot dead at Pune on 20th August 2013. He was shot on the Onkareshwar bridge near Pune, while he was on a morning walk. He died instantly on the spot. Within 1 hour from the occurrence of an event the First Citizen Of Maharashtra viz., Chief Minister of Maharashtra (then Congress Govt.’s Chief Minister Pruthviraj Chavan ) made a direct statement that ‘The people having Godse tendency are behind this murder.’ This implies two meanings. First is, the Godse tendency people had communicated to Shri. Chavan that they are going to kill Dabholkar or secondly Shri. Chavan might have known the persons who killed Dabholkar and his intention was to divert the investigation process to hide the killers and put an indirect obligation on police to investigate in a direction indicated by him.

4. Some strange facts in Dr. Dabholkar Murder  investigation

A. In 2011, an news article was published in Daily ‘Punya Nagari’ on first pagewhich said that as per the report given by the State Intelligence ‘ANIS is one of the 50 organizations in Maharashtra which support Naxalites’.

B. 30th December 2010 – As one of the member of ANIS, Shailesh Wakade of Chandrapur was arrested by Gondia Police for having contacts with Naxalites, Dr. Dabholkar was compelled to state in Gondia that, their organization should not be linked with Naxalites.

Even earlier, Narendra Bansode and Narendra Bhurle were arrested by police as they were Naxalites. But for lack of evidence the Court had acquitted them. Even today, the sleeper Cells of Naxalites are active in cities. As per Naxal modus operendi where, their sleeper cells are active within 1000 kms of the area which they directly control and they indirectly spread Naxalite ideology there, create sympathy towards Naxalite philosophy and all these things are done in a complete legal manner. Naxalism is totally based on anti religious, atheism and communist philosophy.  It is well known that, ANIS was promoting atheism and anti religious activities. Hence, it was not been investigated in that direction, whether the murder was caused due to enmity between naxal groups, economic transactions between them etc.?

C. Prashant Potdar, one of the ANIS activist was given a four wheeler car from the trust funds. The transaction was illegal. How many such illegal acts have been done and whether the murder was a result of such illegal acts ? It has not been investigated.

D. Despite of this all, one Rahul Kolhapure who investigated about the maladministration of ANIS and filed many complaints in the office of Charity Commissioner, Satara was harassed unreasonably on account of suspicion by police.

E. After the arrest of Pujyapad Saintshri Shri Asaram Bapuji on 26th August 2013 I had participated in a debate on the ‘Headlines Today’ channel. One young lady clad in Burkha viz., Poonam, took part in the discussion. A Sting operation CD was shown in which Asaram Bapu had allegedly tried to take disadvantage of her in 2010. The girl told her nick name. The CD was very vague and unclear. The voice was also not clear. There was a discrepancy in the things which were shown on CD. E.g. She said that, ‘Asaram Bapu took her hands in their hands’. But in fact it was seen that Bapu was only pointing a finger towards her hand. Watching this, I alleged that whether Poonam is a girl who is trying to extortionist or getting money by threatening defamation ? Similarly why did she remain silent for 3 years and 4 months ? Why did she not complain to the police ? These questions were asked. Objecting those,  the lady said that, ‘Dabholkar was like a father to her and he took initiative in solemnization of her marriage.’ It was just coincidence that Bapu’s matter also happened at the same time. But the followers of Dabholkar were conducting such type of sting operations using his name and extracting money. This matter was not brought before Police. Whether Dabholkar was  murdered for such matters. The investigation is not carried out in such perspective.

F. Mr. Dabholkar was a Sarpmitra ‘Snake Friend’ as said frequently. It is mentioned in one of the chronicle of ANS, to grant permission to sale ‘Snake Poison’ to companies. Snake Poison is very costly and sold for crores. It’ is also smuggled. Dabholkar had founded a trust viz., ‘Parivartan’. None of the activist had any place in the said trust, only his close relatives operated this trust. This trust was getting grants from Switzerland. The aiding society is related with ‘Organic Farming’. Whether that is related to snake poison? The investigation is not carried out in this perspective.

It is to be also seen whether naxalites living in forest were used for that purpose. Whether Dr. Dahbolkar was having any relations with Naxalites ? This question was raised in Vidhan Sabha. Dr.Dabholkar had awarded award to one Kerosene Don named Pannalal Rajput.  After the death of Dabholkar, activist of Kabir Kala Manch at Pune caused ruckus and attacked on ABVP activists. Whether the help of these naxalites was taken for snake poison ? This is one of the issue and if such amount is received from foreign country for diverting to Naxalites and in fact it is not paid to Naxalites, then the possibility can’t be ruled that Naxalites might have murdered of Dr. Dabholkar out of vendetta. The investigation has also not been done in this perspective.

G. The sting operation was relayed on news channels created lot of excitement and anger in Maharashtra, the sting operation showed that Mr. Gulabrao Pol, the then Commissioner of Police for Pune had resorted to planchet method and the spirit of Dr. Dabholkar descending upon a police constable.

Thus it defeated Dr. Dabholkar’s thinking and ideology. Hence suspicion arose in the society regarding his work. What peculiarity it has ? Dr. Dabholkar’s ghost manifested in Mr. Manish Thakur, was and kept on saying that he was murdered by Sanatan people and the conspiracy of murder was done at Sanatan’s office. It is pertinent to note that the house of Manish Thakur  was seen in the sting video and it has not displayed photo’s of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Lokmanya Tilak, Swatantryaveer Sawarkar, Swami Vivekanand and Pu. Golvalkar Guruji. But has displayed photo of Jesus Christ. Ashish Khaitan who did sting operation was a member of APP and not of Sangh, BJP, Bajarang Dal or Sanatan.

5. RTI activitist Satish Shetty murder case

Satish Shetty murder case was a case where ANS, Bhartiya Communists Party, ‘Ukrand’ of the so called social worker Saptarshi, or many others so called socialist like Bhai Vaidya or Nikhil Vagale were never seen taking out protest marchs, strikes etc. Not even 10 percent of the anguish and hatred vented out and venom spitted against the Hindu right wingers was seen to be spitted against the murderes of Satish Shetty.Even the media neglected the issue.

The brief issues of the matter are detailed below.

A follower of Anna Hajare and President of Anti Coruption Vigilance Commission, Pune region, Satish Shetty was assassinated on 13 january  2010.

Satish Shetty was as Right to Information activitist. He had exposed many corruptions in land exploitations of poor farmers and corruption in Govt. affairs in Pune Region. Shetty had also filed complaint against deputy Registrar Ashwini Kshirsagar, for making illegal entries based on forged documents on govt. land.

He had filed complaints against Virendra Mhaiskar of Ideal Road Builders (IRB) whose name is always heard regarding toll corruption. It is also well known to all that Dattatray Mhaiskar, father of Virendra Mhaiskar had provided large amounts of unsecured loans to Purti company which belongs to Nitin Gadkari.

23 November 2009 : Satish Shetty had demanded police protection as he was having danger to his life, at Pune Rural Police Station. But on 13 January 2010 while he was returning from morning walk, he was assassinated with sharp weapons. At the time of his murder, he was not provided police protection

14 January 2010 : Bombay High Court took suo moto cognizance of the matter and asked CBI to file their say.

6 April 2010 : Maharashtra Govt. declared that the investigation of the matter is handed over to CBI.

13 April 2010 : Regardless of the declaration by the Government of handing over the investigation to CBI, Pune Rural Police filed charge sheet against 6 persons in the murder.

6. Some important revealations in the investigation of CBI

1. Shetty had exposed a 1800 acre land scam of IRB. The offence registered at Lonawala police Station regarding land scam, the police filed C summary report, meaning that it seems no offence has taken place.

2 . Pune Police had in their investigation paid no heed to the facts of that an offer of Rs. Two Crores was given to Shetty to remain silent, he has received threats that his hand and legs will be chopped and about the loss caused to rich due to his exposure of corruption issues . ( It is pertinent to note that in the period the same people who taunted heinously  about the shortage of water saying “if rain water is not stored in dams , then save it by another means” had a complete hold over pune.)

3. CBI passed stringent remarks on the investigation made by Pune Police Station, who implicated six persons as accused.

Some of the examples are as given below

A. Sunita Bansode, who was living near Dongrya Hanumant Rathod deposed that, on 13th January 2010, Dongrya was in his home ; because he had proposed to marry her daughter, which lead to quarrels and fights on that night and next morning. A Panchnama was prepared which mentioned that,  a T-Shirt and a two pairs of shoes were seized from his home . And also blood stains were present on it. But one of the Panch(who was a homeguard)  deposed that , he was not present at Dongrya’s  home while Panchnama was conducted. He signed on Panchnama at Dehu Road Police Station itself, without reading it and on the instructions of Police. As per the report of forensic laboratory, it was found that there  was no similarity between the blood stains found on articles seized from Dongrya and blood stains found on the clothes of Satish Shetty. Thus all the discrepancies in the investigation process were exposed by CBI and implicated all the persons relating to IRB company as co-accused viz. Jayant Dongre, Adv Ajit Kulkarni, Virendra Mhaiskar along with Investigation Officer Bhausaheb Andhalkar, Asst Police Inspector Namdeo Kavathale, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Dilip Shinde.

B. 19-8-2014 : It was prayed in Satish Shetty murder case that the case be Closed down for lack of sufficient evidence. As per the directions of Hon. HC now the matter has been handed over to CBI Delhi Branch for investigation. The question remains as to what is going to happen after five years of the incidence? Anna Hazare stated that the attack on Satish Shetty was an attack on Democracy itself. Due to exposure of corruption by Satish Shetty, IRB had to close down entire project of township, 90 agreements to sale had to be revoked. The Assistant Registrar of Lonawala , Ashwini Kshirsagar was dismissed. It is well known that for the sake of Lavasa Project how many illegal activities were done. I need not disclose as which king/Don from Baramati was behind this. In these circumstances , suspicion arises that, Satish matter was suppressed in convenient manner.

Which Hinduist was interested in this matter? Which Hindu Organisation was behind this?

7. Comrade Govind Pansare murder case

The IRB infrastructure, which was implicated in Satish Shetty’s  muder  case is given a contract of building roads and collecting tolls at Kolhapur. A big protest was initiated regarding this at Kolhapur. Govind Pansare had straightly appealed not to pay toll, to public. Why the person pointing towards Hinduists are not paying attention to these facts?

– Adv. Shri. Sanjeev Punalekar, National Secretary of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad

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