Dnyaneshwari – A Divine text


Dnyaneshwari is a holy text written by Saint Dnyaneshwar, the poet-saint of Maharashtra in the 12th century. Dnyaneshwari, also called as Bhavartha-deepika was written in C.E 1290. It is a commentary on the Bhagwadgita narrated by Saint Dnyaneshwar during a discourse in Nevasa, a village on the bank of Pravara river.

Significance of Dnyaneshwari

1. The one which has Divine knowledge, is Dnyaneshwari.

2. The one written after knowing the deepest secrets of spiritual knowledge, is Dnyaneshwari.

3. The one from which the stream of knowledge flows is Dnyaneshwari.

4. The knowledge of which facilitates one’s spiritual journey, is Dnyaneshwari.

5. The one which is filled with Chaitanya (Divine consciousness), is Dnyaneshwari.

6. The one created by God himself, is Dnyaneshwari.

7. The one which is eternal, being created by God himself, is Dnyaneshwari.

8. The knowledge delivered to this world by Saint Dnyaneshwar, in the form of words, is Dnyaneshwari.

9. The one whose creation is for the welfare of the people, is Dnyaneshwari.