Leadership qualities for an ideal citizen

Values which will help you serve the nation!

1. Patriotism

The country became independent because of the dedicated work of freedom fighters and patriots during the pre-Independence era. They were able to carry out this mission only because of their intense patriotism. Today, we need to establish an ideal rule in the country. For that, we need to develop national pride.

For details on how to develop patriotism, read this !

2. Building physical strength

Dear children, If you want to do something in national interest, mere courage will not be sufficient; the body has to be strong too. To protect the family, village and country as well as yourself, everyone should exercise as prescribed for children every day and thereby, build physical strength.

We should remember the example of Lokmanya Tilak who realized that a strong mind can be housed only in a strong body!

3. Unity

Importance of unity : Dear Children ! You know the proverb ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. It is easy to break one stick but not a bundle. This is the result of unity.

4. Unifying skills

To unite and sustain the unity, one hasto possess unification skills.

4A. Benefits of unification skill :

1. Only one individual is not burdened with all tasks.

2. While tidying the classroom or any other room, seeking help of others completes the task faster.

3. Feeling of camaraderie is generated towards colleagues.

4. Interpersonal conflicts can be avoided.

5. In times of crisis we can help each other.

5. Leadership qualities

Dear children ! Many of you wish to become the class monitor or captain. However, to shoulder these responsibilities remember that you should possess leadership qualities. If any task is to be performed with unity in the correct manner, it requires a good leader. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was able to fight foreign powers with the help of a handful of mavlas (Inhabitants of Maval region, soldiers of Chhatrapati Shivaji) and was able to establish the Hindavi Swarajya only because he was an excellent leader !

Dear children, pledge to inculcate these values in yourself, so that you can grow up to be responsible and able citizens of Bharat!