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1. Children

1. Inform your friends about this website – ‘Balsanskar’.

2. Convey to us the actions taken by you after reading the information on the website and the benefits you have achieved thereby.

3. Participate in our group associated with ‘Balsanskar’ in order to get our new articles published on ‘Balsanskar’ website, at the earliest !

2. Parents

1. Give information about the website ‘Balsanskar’ to your children after reading about it.

2. Show the website to your children and make them act as suggested in it.

3. Give information about the website to your associates in your work place, friends, relatives and well wishers.

3. Teachers

1. Tell your students about the material from the website during Moral Studies class or off periods.

2. Utilise the morning prayer time to inform students about the different articles available on the website.

3. Try to incorporate the different teachings of the website in your daily teaching.

4. Sanskarvarg organisers

1. Tell about the various articles from the site in your sanskarvarg (classes)

2. Ask the students to learn about the various freedom fighters, statesmen and Saints from the site and inspire them to use this material in school or other competitions.

3. Meet the organisers of the following activities – computer classes, coaching classes, orphanages, summer/Deepavali vacation camp etc., and inspire them to tell the attendees about the website.

4. Everyone else

1. Give a link of the website of ‘Balsanskar’ on your website/blog !

2. Send our website address through SMS to others !

3. You can get ‘Balsanskar’ on your website free of cost if you desire so!

4. Tell others about Balsanskar through 'email', 'Facebook', 'Twitter', 'Google Plus' and online groups!

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