Importance of time

Among the series of revolutionaries, the name of Chapekarbrothers is uttered with great respect. All the three brothers took to gallows with a smile on their lips!Damodar Chapekar was in a cheerful mood on the day when he was to be hanged at Sarvara Jail.

He had Bhagvadgeeta in his hand. He prepared himself to undergo the punishment by reading the Geeta. It was time for taking him to the gallows; but the British officers were least bothered about the stipulated time. The British officers came to him five/seven minutes late than the fixed time to take him to the gallows. Damodarji disliked this careless attitude of the officers. Censuring them he said, ‘I was under the impression that the British Government was very particular about punctuality; but I was mistaken. The British Government should feel ashamed for having made the person, who was waiting for the day of punishment, to wait even beyond the stipulated time. Definitely the day is not far off when the governance would be in the hands of Bhartiyas !’ The British Officers had to then try and defend their tardy attitude!

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