I possess a deadly weapon !

Once when Veer Savarkar was in London, some officers of the intelligence bureau stopped him and said, “Excuse us gentleman. We have reasonable doubt that you are carrying some deadly weapon with you. We will have to subject you to a search.” Savarkar complied and stood there. The officer searched him, but found nothing. He then said to Savarkar, “I think our information was wrong. Forgive me for the inconvenience you had to bear.”

​Savarkar replied, “No officer. Your information is not incorrect. I really do possess a deadly weapon!” Savarkar removed a pen from his pocket and said, “See, this is the deadly weapon that I have. Every word written by this pen inspires the youth to fight against injustice. The words written by this weapon instill vigor in the youth and inspire them to sacrifice everything and fight for the Nation!”

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