True patriotism

​Netaji Subhsashchandra Bose returned to Bharat from England after clearing the I.C.S. exam. Here, he appeared for a written examination for a job. On seeing the question paper Subhashbabu was furious. One of the questions was a paragraph for translation. A sentence in the paragraph read, 'Indian soldiers are generally dishonest'. Subhashbabu immediately got up from his seat and expressed dissent against this. He said to the invigilator, '"It is not possible to answer this question. Please delete it from the question paper." The invigilator replied, "This question is very important. Whoever refuses to answer this question will not be able to get the job." On hearing this Subhasbabu replied angrily, "You can keep your job! I would rather die of hunger instead of bearing such false allegations against my countrymen. It is better to die instead of showing such helplessness." Saying this, Subhashbabu left the examination hall.

The one who cannot love his Nation, cannot love anyone else. The interest of the Nation is more important than our personal interest.

Reference : 'Ashi Mulye Ase Sanskar'
Editor : Prakash Arjun Rane.

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