Responsibilities of Teachers !

As teachers do not abide by righteousness, a student passing out from school with good virtues later on practises corruption

        The real duty of every teacher is to develop and nurture good virtues in his/her pupils, as the society will benefit from righteous students. It is the responsibility of a teacher to offer the Nation and the society capable and virtuous citizens. If we introspect we will realize that we are not creating good citizens. This means we are not doing justice to our duty. Teachers are of the opinion that their duty is finished once the students secure good marks. But it is not so. Good marks will provide jobs and money, but it will not ensure that the students serve the society with love, honesty and morality. As a result, we can see corrupt officers in every office. They practise corruption shamelessly. They do not think that they are troubling the person who has come to them.

Teachers can fulfill their duty only by giving altruistic citizens

         To get out of present situation, we must foster a firm belief that chanting God’s name can bring about a change in the most mischievous and ill-behaved child. It is the true responsibility and real contribution to the Nation of each teacher to accomplish this through Sanskar Classes. Today we must offer the society altruistic citizens, let they be in the form of doctors, engineers or government officers. By offering the society servants at all levels, we will perform our duty in the true sense. The true responsibility of a teacher is to consolidate the thought that a single God inhabits universally. By failing to abide by our responsibilities, we will be inviting destruction of an individual, the society and consequently the Nation.

– Shri Rajendra Pavaskar (Guruji), Panvel.

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