Need to rekindle the self-confidence in Students

It is a natural for human being to ask for a advice of somebody close or superior before taking any decision

         `The present increasing trend of suicides among young children has become the cause of anxiety all over the state. The instances of suicides were not rare earlier, but now this trend appears to be gaining grounds with alarming regularity. It is quite astonishing to have such tender-aged kids thinking of taking such an extreme steps. Equally important is to ponder on the reasons for this phenomenon. Whether coaxing the children or creating situations to force the children to take these steps is the reason? Students face many problems in their young age like what is life, how to live it, how to cherish it, how to face the difficulties in the life, how to take decisions concerning life and how to maintain social and family ethos etc. And he continues with his present experience in future life. He needs proper guidance during this delicate time from parents and friends who can understand his feelings. It is a natural for human being to ask for a advice of somebody close or superior before taking any decision. Now, this decision could be a very important in one’s life. And if he does not get the proper guidance, he will not think twice before taking the extreme step.

Only guardians can fulfill the all-important need of understanding the mind of their tender children and supporting them

The basic reason behind  suicides by children is said to be the increasing the burden of expectations by their guardians at the tender age of children. Both the mother and father in these dynamic times are earning to ensure the bright future for the child. The parents are not available time for children when they need parents most. The children are given many fancyful articles to engage themselves so that they should not miss the absence of their parents. These include costly mobiles. Mid-wives are engaged to take care of the babies. Parents spent lakhs of rupees on coaching classes to ensure quality education for their wards. The students are provided with various types of educational gadgets, guides and books. This is all done by parents under the false impression that they are fulfilling their duties as parents and they then expect their children to score very high marks in examinations. Unfortunately children are not like machines quality raw material is fed in to them. The basic difference between a machine and man is that the later possesses  mind with emotions. This mind needs somebody to understand and support it, and at a tender age only the parents can fulfill this requirement.

The love of a mother and fear of the father make the a man

         The earlier guardians used to burn midnight oil to inculcate good values in children. Women used to read epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata to imbibe some good valued in the foetus. Kids were taught to recite Shubhamkaroti, memorise Ramaraksha, study chapters in Geeta, to pray before meals, offering obeisance to God and the elders in the house before going to school or in the evening. The timings for Study, sports, snacks  as well as for meals were strictly adhered to. Mothers and grandparents used to tell stories of historical heroes,  valiant deeds of soldiers and social reformers. The love of the mother and fear of the father would put discipline to the children. Learning such values in childhood would be useful for them even at later stage of life.

Modern gadgets are corrupting the young minds

         The current scenario has changed drastically. How would the children be expected to get disciplined, when their parents are working out of home. The modern gadgets like cable T.V. Internet, video games, etc. are only corrupting their young minds at home. The guardians are watching violent and sexually explicit movies with their young children on T.V. The movies which were not available to view in theatres, could be now be watched in the comfort of you homes. These movies drive the young children to end their lives in the wake of failure in their missions. The various methods of committing suicides are being exhibited though T.V. and Internet. And therefore we are witnessing large number of suicides by young generation, the phenomenon which was common in western countries but was unheard of in Maharashtra.

The failure in life leads us to addiction or suicide

         Television, Internet and the likes were originally meant to make life comfortable for the human race, but have now taken their toll on the human life today. Internet has brought the world closer, but it made man to move away from moral values and good things in life. It is easier to fall victim to bad habits. Even after 62 years of the departure British rulers, the future pillars of the nation are the slaves of the western culture. Unethical system is gaining ground. Ethics are going down the drain. The youth has no capacity to withstand the failures in the life. The wounds of failure lead only to two remedies, addiction for alcohol/drugs or suicide. We can call it as a national tragedy to see that small children are following in the  footsteps of young generation.

Do not let your self-belief go in the worst conditions

         It has become the need of the hour once again to boost the confidence of the children by telling them stories from the Puranas and history. Dhruv attained the path of salvation in a very young age, by his strong devotion. Prahlad never forgot the God even when put to worst kind of  torture and he even made God to incarnate in the form of Deity Narasimha. Saint Dnyaneshwar wrote the Dnyaneshwari at the age of 16. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj fought for conquering the Torana fort successfully at the age of 17. The Rani of Jhansi fought the British to the last drop of her blood at the age of 22. Where do all these tales lead us to? Don’t let your self-confidence get leave you even in the worst conditions. Everybody has been given a dormant power by God. We have got to just rekindles it. Once it happens, we can conquer the biggest of hurdles in life. Nothing is as tragic in life as to end the nice life endowed by the Almighty, may be due to failure in the examinations or humiliating treatment by somebody. The one who fearlessly faces all the problems in the life becomes successful. It is said that failure is the first step to success. We have to teach our children that we can win the battle of the life with the shield of failure and the sword of confidence. The teachers and parents have to take initiatives for this.

– Mr. Ghanekar, Mumbai

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