Only teachers can develop a Cultured generation !

A teacher is the guide of the society. Teachers develop and mould a generation and this generation runs the administration of the Nation in the future. Thus, basically it is the teacher who lays the foundation for building a Nation.

Present situation

Today's teachers have too many complaints against the children :

1. The children behave very weirdly.

2. They don’t listen to us.

3. They are very unstable and restless.

4. They behave rudely with the teacher.

5. They trouble one another in the classroom.

6. They don't study.

The educational system is solely responsible for this behaviour of the children. We must contemplate on the above-mentioned problems. Although most teachers teach the students wholeheartedly and sincerely for years together, not much change has been noticed in the children's behaviour. All the teachers will agree to this.The main reason for this is the Westernised educational system. This is not our educational system; it is Macaulay's system of education; and we are witness to resultant poisonous fruits. From such an educational system, nothing but heartless human beings are produced. Thus, the educational system is solely responsible for no change in the behaviour of the children.

Children's behaviour can be changed by worshipping the kuldevata (Family Deity) according to spiritual practice

If the education system is responsible for this condition of children, then the teachers have to find a way out of it. If the society is directionless, then as a teacher it is our responsibility to direct it properly. Only teachers can have easy way out of this. We know that Shivaji Maharaj took the oath of establishing a Hindu nation at a very young age by worshipping his Family Deity (Bhavani Devi). The point to be noted from the above examples is that by chanting God’s name the behaviour of the students can be changed. This is nothing but the TRUTH. If teachers accept this truth and inculcate it in themselves, then definitely they will be able to produce a cultured future generation. First, the teachers themselves should worship the God. We all worship some or the other Deity, but according to the science of spirituality, it is better to worship the kuladevata (Family Deity).

A teacher with devotion can spread Bliss among children

The words of the teacher who practises spirituality are filled with Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness). The children will listen to every word uttered by such teacher and immediately put into practice. A serious point comes to mind is as a creator of society how much importance do we (teachers) give to spiritual practice in our life – the more the better. On the strength of spiritual practice or devotion, a teacher can bring about a change in students.. Hence, the teachers should enhance their spiritual practice. This has two benefits. First, pressure and mental tension can be overcome by worshipping the kuladevata. Second, we become free from negative thoughts. Thus, we will be blissful. A teacher who is blissful can spread the bliss to many children.

‘Let all the teachers worship their Kuladevata and become Blissful. Let them make all the students too worship their Kuladevata and develop virtues in them. Let the future generation become well cultured and let the Hindu Kingdom be formed soon’. This is the prayer I offer to God !

– Shri Rajendra Pavaskar (Guruji), Panvel