Shegaon (Buldana District, Maharashtra) is popular as a pilgrimage destination as its believed that Saint Gajanan Maharaj lived here. Saint Gajanan Maharaj is an incarnation of Deity Dattatreya.

History of Shegaon

One day as Bankatlal and Damodar, two gentlemen from Shegaon, were taking a stroll they noticed a young boy outside Saint Devidas Paturkar'a ashram. The young boy was eating leftover grains of rice from a plate of leaves that was thrown out as waste. Then he drank unclean water that was meant for the cattle and he left the place fully satisfied. Observing these events, Bankatlal had a realization that this was not an ordinary boy and that there was something special about him.

As time passed by, several people noticed the boy's activities. Shri Govind Maharaj Takalikar was one amongst the fortunate. He conducted religious discourses known as "Keertan". During one of his discourses at Shegaon in Shri Moyey's Shiva temple, he realised the the young boy was a divine incarnation. He got proof soon after. Gajanan Maharaj could effortlessly tame his wild and unrestrained horse.

As Gajanan Maharaj realised that his work on earth was coming to an end, he informed his disciples about it. To reassure His disciples, He told them "I shall remain here". It was thus decided that the temple will be constructed at the place indicated by Maharaj. At the place indicated by Gajanan Maharaj, construction began around that spot.

On 8th September 1910, Maharaj discarded his mortal body in Shegaon.

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Temple is built on the Samadhi of Gajanan Maharaj. This pilgrim place is called as "Pandharpur of Vidarbha".

Thursdays, being the holy day of Gajanan Maharaj, and weekends witness huge crowds from all over Maharashtra.

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