Harnam Singh Saini, lion among revolutionaries !

​Harnam Singh and the newsletter ‘The Hindustan’

​Harnam Singh had gone to Canada for business and there he started publishing a newsletter named ‘The Hindustan’. He was a very prolific writer. That newsletter proved to be very effective for the Bharatiyas in Canada. The Canadian Government had to issue an ultimatum to Harnam Singh, to leave Canada within 48 hours. They alleged that the newsletter was providing instructions on bomb making and canvassing rebellion.

Patriot Harnam Singh canvassing the newsletter ‘Ghadar’ in various countries

Harnam Singh’s friend Remisberg brought Harnam Singh to America in his personal boat. Harnam Singh started assisting the newsletter ‘Ghadar’ in America. Harnam Singh left America after the Komagata Maru incident (The Komagata Maru was a ship that travelled from Hong Kong to Vancouver, Canada in 1914, carrying economical migrants who did not like their living conditions back in India. The Canadian government denied entry to the ship in Vancouver.). He went on to canvass the newsletter ‘Ghadar’ in China, Japan and Thailand and entered Burma.

The gallows for revolutionising

When the revolution in Singapore fizzled out in the year 1915, many were arrested. Therefore many leaders entered Burma. In the middle of widespread arrests, Harnam Singh was also arrested. A case was lodged against him and he was sentenced to death. Harnam Singh escaped from the prison; but he was captured and hanged on the 19th of October, 1916 !

​Harnam Singh and his revolutionary friends, Bhai Bagha Singh and Bhai Balwant Singh, all three attained immortality in succession.

Reference : ‘Dainik Lokmat’, (11.05.2007)

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