Lokmanya Tilak – Bharat’s Ideal Son

​ Tilak was a very brilliant student. He was gifted with a very brilliant intellect and sharp memory. He was a Sanskrut scholar. He had studied Sanskrut from his father. In the ancient times, in order to boost up the language, perhaps, 1 pie (Pie was a coin in olden days. 12 pies = 1 anna and 16 annas = 1 Re. Now we are using the decimal system; that is, 1 Rupee = 100 paise) was given to the one who could recite one shloka in Sanskrut. Tilak collected 200 pies (a little over 1 Re., a princely sum for a child in those days) like this. Before he started going to school he hadmemorised many things. His teacher also used to wonder seeing his tremendous memory.

Once, some dictation was given in the class. In that, the word ‘Sant’ had appeared thrice. Tilak wrote the same word in three different ways, संत, सन्तandसन्त. The teacher marked the first, that is ‘संत’ as correct and the other 2 were marked wrong. Seeing this, by citing various examples Tilak explained to the teacher how all the three words were correct because no matter how it was written the meaning would not change. That time the teacher also realised his mistake and accepted Tilak’s justification about all the three ways to be appropriate. When Tilak was in the 1st year in college, he made himself physically very strong by doing rigorous exercise and missed his exams also for that. He was a very proficient wrestler and a swimmer too. Since his school days he was fully aware about the country’s rule being in the hands of the British and not Bharatiyas.

Once he completed his education he tried very effectively to send the British back. Whichever qualities, virtues he had acquired from childhood were useful for him while opposing the British. Due to his healthy physique he could survive the horrifying and politically motivated prison sentences. Despite being in the prison and while suffering all the constraints he wrote the well acclaimed text namely “Geetarahasya’.

The attitude to prove his honesty from his school days he could raise a revolution against the British who were unjust to Hindustanis.Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak came to be recognized as Bharat’s ideal son.

Children, from this story we notice his sharp intellect. We also learn here that there should be physical fitness for undertaking any mission. Hence daily exercise is a must. If we are physically strong then only we can revolt. Presently our country and Dharma are not in ideal condition. Therefore in order to defend ourselves from others we need physical as well as spiritual strength. Hence let us get prepared to defend ourselves with the help of Namjapa (Chanting Deity’s Name), prayers, and gratitude!

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