Dr. Hedgewar : An extraordinary personality

Dr. Hedgewar, the first chief of the R.S.S. i.e. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, was ever working in the direction of preparing innumerable persons in order to raise society to prosperity. He had absolutely no vested interest behind this. Basically, there has to be the ego to use words like sacrifice, self-sacrifice, annihilation of selfishness, etc. to describe a person's life; however, Dr. Hedgewar had acquired oneness with the life of Hindu society. It is true that instead of narrating the experience of the life of Doctor, who was outwardly calm but inwardly burning, it is worth understanding and personally experiencing it.

A Sattvik and Pious personality

Dr. Hedgewar was a person with a sattvik (Sattva predominant) personality and had immense faith in God. It is evident from the fact that he always commenced writing a letter or diary by writing ‘Shri’ or ‘ॐ’ on top of the page.

Perspective regarding the mission of the Sangh

His strong faith that ‘The mission of the Sangh was a Divine mission’ was expressed through his speeches and letters. He had a conviction that all of us are puppets in the hands of God and everything that we do is controlled by Him. While saying that ‘The mission of the Sangh is Divine’, he was also intending that Sangh is fulfilling the mission of God by protecting the righteous and destroying the evil. While saying that 'The mission of the Sangh is Divine’, Dr. Hedgewar having realised the intent of the Dasbodh, must be thinking about the meaning of the stanzas from Dasbodh,

‘यत्न तो देव जाणावा’ व ‘अचूक यत्न तो देवो । चुकणे दैत्य जाणिजे’

Meaning :An apt effort is akin to God and incorrect is like a devil.

Ability to bring together a large number of people

It was his nature to bring people together and he used to achieve it in a very natural and casual manner. There was nothing superficial in his behaviour as is noticed otherwise in worldly affairs. There was nothing materialistic in this friendship with people. It was very extraordinary, casual and attractive. Hindus would never get together unless there is a funeral procession. However, within a period of just 15 years, Dr. Hedgewar established a nationwide organisation comprising thousands of youth for fulfilling the mission of building a Hindu Rashtra. Such was his remarkable personality.’

Reference : (Lokjagar), Weekly Sanatan Prabhat 2006, 29th issue

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