Brahmin’s Poverty eradicated
by Sadguru’s Grace

Friends, this is a story of Sri Dattaguru’s third incarnation Akkalkot’s Swami Samarth. He has blessed many of his devotees. This is a story of a poor Brahmin, one of the devotees.

This story began when Sree Guru arrived from Bhiwadi to Kuravpur where there is a confluence of rivers Panchganga and Krishna. This area is also known as Kashi of the south. Every afternoon Sri Guru would go to Amarpur to collect alms and would bless his genuine devotees.

A poor Brahmin lived in this village of Amarpur. Everyday he would ask for hand-outs in the village and would manage his livelihood with whatever he received. He would worship every guest who visited him, and serve the guest the food he received in hand-out. His wife would never let any guest leave the house empty handed. They were happy living in theis fashion and singing hymns of God.

One day Sri Guru went to the house of Brahmins asking for alms. But the Brahmin had gone to collect hand-outs himself. The Brahmin’s wife offered a seat to Sri Guru and performed his worship. But she was wondering as to what gift she would offer to Sri Guru. There was nothing left in the house. After thinking for a long time she had an idea. In the courtyard of the house there was a big Ghevda Plant (Lima beans) which had lot of pods . The Brahmin’s wife plucked few pods and cooked a dish and served it to Sri Guru. Sri guru was very pleased. He said, “Your poverty has now come to an end”. As he was departing, he blessed them and removed by chopping the Ghevada plant from bottom.

The Brahmin’s wife became sad and started crying on witnessing the above act od Sri Guru . After a while the Brahmin returned home. The wife told him about the whole incident. Brahmin responded by saying, “Sri Guru has blessed you, keep faith in him”.

The Ghevda plant (lima beans) was cut by Sri Guru. Now to remove it completely from the ground the Brahmin took the pick-axe and began removing the roots of the plant. And lo! What a surprise! While digging he found a pot full of jewels. The couple became very happy. They went to seek blessing of Sri Guru. They performed his worship and told him the whole story.

Moral : Friends, from above story, you will agree that extending hospitality to the guest and offering even a small gift to God with pleases God.

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