A Disciple’s Test

Ramanujacharya was the disciple of Shathakopa Swami. Swami had revealed the secret of God-realisation to Ramanuj and had warned him not to tell anybody about this; but Ramanuj did not obey this order. He started giving away all the knowledge given by his Guru – the path for God-realisation – to the people. Swami got very angry when he came to know about this. He called for Ramanuj and told him, “You are revealing the secret of spiritual practice by disobeying me. This is Adharma (unrighteousness). This is a sin. Do you know what will be the effect of this?”

Ramanuj said politely, “Gurudev, by disobeying Guru the disciple will have to go to Hell.” Shathakopa Swami asked, “In spite of knowing this, why did you do this on purpose?”

On this, Ramanuj replied, “A tree gives everything it has got to the people. Is it ever selfish? Whatever I did, I did it with the intention of betterment of the people, people should also get the bliss of God-realisation and for this, even if I have to go to Hell, I will not regret a bit.”

The Swami was pleased seeing the intense yearning of Ramanuj of spreading the knowledge of spiritual practice for God-realisation to the people. He blessed Ramanuj and sent him with great love to spread the real knowledge of spiritual practice among people.

Moral : Children, Ramanuj tried to spread the knowledge he had received from his Guru to others. Swami was pleased with this selfless attitude of His disciple. Similarly, we too should spread the knowledge we have to others.