Jatindranath Das

         A great revolutionary Jatindranath Das did the fiery ordeal of 61 day fast and consequently self-sacrifice for the nation to stop the harassment of political prisoners.

         Jatindranath Das breathed his last on 13th September 1929 at 1 p.m. after prolonged fasting of 61 days. He was considered as the right hand of Subhashchandra Bose. During those days, he was sentenced to imprisonment thrice.  After his release, he started an association by the name ‘Dakshin Culcutta Tarun Samiti’. Owing  to this, he was imprisoned once again under ‘Bengal Ordinance’. To protest against harassment in prison, he fasted for 33 days continuously and as a result, he was released from the prison. Soon he was entangled in Lahore conspiracy case and was arrested again.  To protest against ill treatment given to politically involved prisoners, he started a fast.

         He denied food which was forcibly given to him, because of which around 7-8 people sat on his chest and forcibly inserted a tube in his nose. While milk was fed, Jatin Das coughed and milk went into the lungs and his lungs got damaged. Doctors were unable to forcibly feed milk through the tube after this. Day by day Jatin started becoming weak; he was unable to move his hands, eyelashes. British Government decided to take him to  outside hospital and release him by taking a false bail. Jatin Das indicated  ‘No’ through signal and so the rest of the revolutionaries took a stand that ‘officers can take Jatin out only after crossing their dead bodies’.  British officers left getting scared that Jatin’s heart will stop functioning in this scuffle and it happened.

         Great Sacrificer of Bharat (India) who sacrificed his life so that others can live happily.  He did the fiery ordeal  to stop harassment meted out  to  politically banned individuals;, he did a great job. His memories will keep all Indians inspired. Our Nation got freedom because of the sacrifice done by all our martyrs. This day will make everybody, especially  the youth, aware of this sacrifice.

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