Benevolent and generous Emperor Vikramaditya whose empire extended till Arabia !

Vikramaditya was a king at Ujjain in the 6th century. The management of his kingdom being based on science of Dharma was very well maintained. There were 9 Main Ministers (Navaratnas) in his court for the smooth functioning of the administration.
Vikramaditya’s father was Mahendradatta, mother, Saumyadarshana and a brother, Bhartruhari. Vikramaditya defeated the Shakas of Arabia and incorporated that part to his empire. 'Barham Bin Soi', has beautifully described this victory of Vikramaditya in his poem. Out of the 60 years of Vikramaditya's life, 25 years were spent in fighting wars. He was a symbol of endurance. He was very generous and a ruler with always well-being of his subject at heart. Although he himself was a Shaiva (Name of a sect who are followers of Deity Shiva), he used to respect all other sects and religions equally. Dhanvantari, Kshapanak, Amarsinh, Shanku, Vetal Bhatt, Khatkarpara, Kalidas, Varahmihir, and Vararuchi were the 9 Ministers in his Court.

Navaratnas (Nine gems) in the Court of Vikramaditya

1. Kalidas : An author of the excellent book 'Shakuntal', a well known poet, dramatist, and a great scholar of Sanskrut Language

2. Amarsinh : The Compiler of 'Sanskrut Amarkosh'

3. Kshapanak : An Eminent Astrologer – Krushnajyotishi

4. Dhanvantari : A Physician, expert in prescribing various medicines for one disease and an expert in diagnosing diseases, a great achiever in Medical Science

5.Vararuchi : An excellent grammarian and linguist

6. Varahmihir : An author of the universally accepted book 'Bruhatsanhita', and an expert in the Science of Astrology, especially in predictions and propositions.

7. Khatkarpara : An expert in Sculpture and Architecture

8. Shanku : An expert in the Science of Measuring Land (His name is still well known in this field).

9. Vetal Bhatt : An expert in the Science of Mantras, incantation and charm- capable of effecting death, disease or other evil and removing them too.

This article is an example showing that the Bharatiya (Indian) empire was perfect in all aspects and there was peace and prosperity throughout the country, when there were no attacks by invaders.

-H.H. Parsharam Madhav Pande Maharaj, Akola.

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