Maharana Pratap

Rana Pratap was a brave and self-respecting king from Rajasthan.

         The King of Jaipur, Maharaj Mansingh had tied his sister’s knot with Akbar to save his state from Akbar. Once, while he was travelling from Rajputana to Delhi, he went to meet Rana Pratap at Kubmhalgad to expose his richness to him. Rana Pratap welcomed him with hospitality, but denied accompanying Mansingh for food. When Mansingh asked him the reason for this, Rana Pratap replied, “I do not accompany Rajputs who have lost their dignity by giving their sisters and daughters to Mughals, just to save their state.”

         On hearing such aggressive words from Rana Pratap, Mansigh’s ego was hurt. He immediately got up and while leaving said, “Pratapsingh, I shall make you very pathetic on the battle field, only then I shall continue calling myself Mansingh.”

loyal chetak

loyal chetak

         Mansingh along with a huge army and Akbar’s son Salim went on task of putting an end to Rana Pratap. When Rana Pratap got this news, he attacked and killed many soldiers of Mansingh’s army. Mansingh remained behind his army, as he was scared of Rana Pratap’s sword. Rana was trying to get out of the encircled army with his sword, but someone from Mansingh’s army fired an arrow on Rana Pratap’s horse, Chetak. The arrow struck Chetak’s leg and badly wounded it. In spite of being wounded so badly, Chetak continued running, carrying his master on his back. While running, they came across a stream. Chetak made an incredible leap over the stream and died on the spot as he ran out of his capacity.

         Rana Pratap turned back to check who is following his and found that his own younger brother Shaktisingh who used to work for Akbar was killing 5 soldiers from the Mughal army who had accompanied him. Ranaji got surprised to see this scene. Shaktisingh came to Ranaji after killing the soldiers of the Mughal army. He hugged him and said, “Dada, I do service to the Mughals as I do not possess courage and a strong mind like you, but you are still my ideal. I am worthless, not only in front of you, but also in front of your loyal horse.”

         Karnal Tond who was writing the history of Mewad, praised Rana Pratap saying, ‘Although Akbar tried to defeat Rana Pratap using his strong will, good governance, wealth and power, his attempts were unsuccessful in front of the strong, determined, courageous and bright Rana Pratap.’

         Friends, you have now read the story of the brave and self-respecting Rana Pratap. He was so dignified, that he was totally against the idea of compromising with the Mughals, just for the sake of protecting one’s state from their might.

         You must also have learned from the example of Rana Pratap’s loyal horse, Chetak, that if we give love to all living beings, then even animals show their attachment to us. Loyal Chetak sacrificed his own life to save his master’s life. Rana Pratap’s brother, Shaktisingh too admitted, that he is worthless in front of the obedient Chetak.

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