Bappa Rawal & Rana Sang

Mewar is part of Rajastan, also once called as Rajputana. This is a part of history which took place in Mewar. The famous places like Chittor, Udepur, Haldi Ghat are made immortal by the heroic epics, which occurred there. Lakhs of brave soldiers fought for hundreds of years to uphold the great tradition of sacrificing their lives for Hindu Dharma. The same tradition was maintained by Shisodiya dynasty in Rajastan and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in Maharashtra. The heroes from the dynasty of Shisodiya always fought with foreign invaders successfully. Let us get acquainted in short with great heroes in this dynasty.

A united Arab army invaded Mewar in the year 735 AD. Bappa Rawal from Shisodiya dynasty had repulsed the attack successfully by fighting fierce war with them. He even chased them to their own territory and frightened them not to make any attempt to invade India again. He also made them his subordinates. The foreign invaders were so scared by this war that, they did not dare to invade India and fight with Rajput kings for next 300 years.

Mogul Emperor Babar was monarch of Delhi. During this period, King Rana Sang of Shisodiya dynasty in Mewar started attempts to over throw the foreign powers in Delhi, by creating his terror in Rajastan, Punjab and Sindh. When Babar learnt about this, he fought a major war with Rana Sang in 1527 AD and defeated Rana Sang. This resulted in strengthening of Mughal empire in stead of Hindu empire. In spite of this, Babar became scared to fight with Rajputs, and avoided any confrontations with them. Undaunted by this defeat, Rana Sang again started the preparations to fight a war with Babar; but unfortunately he died soon thereafter.