Friends, try to keep away from ‘Television’, the devil which wastes your precious time !

         Dear students, do you have any idea how much of your precious time you are wasting, watching the television you all like ? You must be surely aiming to achieve something in life and becoming successful. But if you spend these precious hours watching television only for the sake of entertainment now, then later in life you could be sorry for this great mistake. Do you know that the television is actually an evil affecting you ? It spoils your eyes, blocks your thoughts, slows down your reasoning and can cause headaches. In fact, it is a SLOW POISON ! Friends, do you want to give up precious time of the limited lifespan we have, to this television known as ‘Idiot box’ in America ? Actually this is the time you should be playing outdoor games, learning new things, developing your hobbies, doing plenty of exercise and reading a lot. Friends, this is going to shape your whole life, rather your personality will develop on this basis. “So put away that remote and pick up your books”. If you follow this rule always, then there will be all round building up of your personality.

         Parents should also permit their children to view only certain programmes and should avoid watching these programmes too. Parents too need to sacrifice if they are concerned about the bad effects of television on their children !