Make TV, Mobile and the internet an asset, not liablility !

Introduction to series on TV, Mobile phones and Internet

The power of media : In the pre-Independence era, the newspaper ‘Kesari’ published by Lokamanya Tilak reported that ‘Freedom fighter Vasudev Balawant Phadake was tortured to death by the British Government in the prison’. Three young boys Damodar, Balkrushna and Vasudev (Chapekar brothers) read this news. They vowed to fight against the British rule for the Independence of Bharat and even dedicated their lives to the cause.

In those days, newspapers were the only source of information. In present times, the television has become an equally important medium of information. An information medium plays an important role in molding the human mind. When three children become revolutionaries on reading a news, imagine what today’s children will become in the future by watching love stories, rape scenes, vulgarity and violence on TV everyday ?

Setting ideals through the TV medium

By watching TV, children begin to idolise film-actors, cricketers etc. This makes them ignorant about true role models such as SamarthRamdas Swami, Swami Vivekananda (who were propagators of Dharma) and heroes such as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Lokamanya Tilak etc. TV today is no more a medium of entertainment; instead, it has become an instrument of ruining morality of the society, Bharatiya culture and national ethics.

Computers, Mobile phones : fashion or utility?

Today, the mobile phone is more of a fashion than a necessity. When children see the latest mobile that someone has, they too have the desire to own one. Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are addictions because they are harmful for the body. However, what about the children who download obscene photographs from the internet, play violent games on the computer for hours together ? They lose their morality, become violent and the growth of their intellect is impeded. Then, are internet and video games not addictions that harm the mind ?

Dear Children ! Modern science invented TV, video games etc. as entertainment media. Our Sages and Saints were also scientists. They discovered the law of gravity, invented the aeroplane, advanced surgery etc. hundreds to thousands of years before such inventions were made by western scientists. Sages and Saints used science for the welfare of mankind. They did not teach mankind to get attracted to and run after momentary pleasures; instead, they advised mankind to seek everlasting Anand (Bliss) and mental peace. Swami Vivekanand would say, ‘It is important to strike a balance between science and Dharma in our life’. True Anandis obtained not from the pleasure-seeking devices but by abiding by Dharma. Therefore, it is only appropriate to utilise science with the right objective of serving Dharma and abiding by Dharma.

Therefore, Dear Children ! Do not use TV, internet, video games etc. for momentary pleasure; else you will be stuck in the web and lose invaluable time and money too. To avoid this, we have put together a series of articles that will explain the harm caused by TV, internet, video games etc. at various levels such as physical, psychological, national, cultural etc.Also, this series will guide you on how to utilise TV, mobile and internet for the cause of the Nation and Dharma.

Parents are the primary teachers of children. Today, the parents themselves subscribe to cable TV connections, and when their children adamantly demand mobiles and video games, they succumb to their demands. Therefore, parents should remember that when their children get spoiled due to TV and internet, they are equally responsible for it. Thus, we strongly recommend that the Parents go through these articles, if they wish to ensure a bright future for their children and the world !