Constructive use of mass media

Utilizing the TV constructively

It is prudent to balance science and Dharma appropriately: Dear Children ! In school, you must be studying about science as well as acquiring information on various inventions of science. One such invention is TV. Swami Vivekanand had emphasized on balancing science and Dharma appropriately. Since time immemorial, Hindu sanskruti has emphasized the importance of abiding by Dharma (Dharmapalan). According to the Hindu culture, true Anand (Bliss) is obtained through abiding by Dharma and not through happiness from worldly objects. Therefore, it is appropriate to utilize science with a good intent of abiding by Dharma and service unto Dharma (Dharmakarya). Taking this into consideration, we will explain how to use TV, mobile phones and internet for promoting activities related to Nation and Dharma.

Watch useful programmes; make TV your friend :Don’t you think that if we use TV for our benefit, it can become our friend? Limit your TV-watching to useful programs and as per your parents’ directions.

1. Religious programmes and films

1A. Watch religious serials such as ‘Ramayaṇ’, ‘Mahabharat’, ‘Shrikrishṇa’ etc.

1B. Serials based on the biographies of Saints such as Shri Saibaba, Shri Gajanan Maharaj, Shri Swami Samartha and films on Saint Dnyaneshwar, Saint Tukaram etc.

Ms Vaidehi trying to enhance her devotion and bhav after watching films on Saints : On 25.9.2004, Ms Vaidehi (Age 9 years) had gone to Jat (District Kolhapur, Maharashtra) with her father Dr. Pingale. On the next day, after she returned to the Ashram, she was very enthusiastic. When I asked her the reason, she replied, “I saw films on the lives of Saint Namdev Maharaj and Saint Tukaram Maharaj where we staying”. When I asked what she learnt from those films, she replied, ‘I am going to increase my devotion and bhav as Saint Namdev Maharaj and Saint Tukaram Maharaj. I am going to chant regularly from today’. From that day onwards, Ms Vaidehi is doing chanting regularly.

– Ms Rajashri Sakhdev, Goa

1C. Watch Sanatan’s Dharmasatsangs (Spiritual discourses to impart education on various subjects like Dharma, spiritual science, religious rituals etc.) such as ‘Spiritual science underlying the festival of Deepavali’, ‘Religious acts and their underlying science’. You can watch these VCDs on your TV.

1D. You can also watch VCDs / DVDs based on Deities, Saints and tele-serials based on Puraṇas which are available in the market.

1E. Watch religious programmes telecast on channels such as ‘Sanskar’, ‘Astha’ etc.

2. Serials and films on patriotism

1. Watch serials such as Chanakya, Raja Shiva Chhatrapati, Rani Lakshmibai.

2. You can watch VCDs of films such as ‘The legend of Bhagat Singh’, ‘Veer Savarkar’ available in the market.

3. Others

3A. Watching news on TV helps us study world events and the state of our Nation etc.

3B. Your teachers can advise you on watching some specific educational and cultural programmes.

Using mobile phones constructively!

1. Send SMS’ pertaining to the Nation and Dharma : Today, the SMS facility on mobile is being used for sending jokes, quizzes, poetry and other entertaining messages. Dear Children ! Instead of wasting your time in this manner, send SMS’ pertaining to Nation and Dharma to as many people you know. Given ahead are some examples of such SMS’.

A. Who should be our ideals ? Not movie stars, but national heroes !

B. Listen to patriotic songs for enhancing patriotism and National pride!

C. Girls &women should apply a round kumkum (Vermillion) mark to their mid-brow region; boys and men should apply a vertical tilak of kumkum to their forehead.

D. How to pay obeisance to your elders? Head slightly bowed and palms joined.

E. Do not wear footwear during marriage ceremonies, foundation-stone laying ceremony or while lighting a lamp in a function !

Plenty of material on the Nation and Dharma has been published on and in Sanatan’s Holy texts. You can prepare your own SMS’ based on this material.

Become patriots and Dharma-loving by the constructive use of internet !

1. Visit that instills values ! : Dear Children, visit (and also encourage your friends to visit), inculcate virtues and bring glory to the Nation !

2. Send various information on Nation and Dharma to your contacts through social networking websites ! :Contribute towards the mission of protecting Nation and doing Dharmajagruti (awakening Dharma) by sending information from / other patriotic sources to your contacts through the social networking websites such as Blogs, Twitter, Facebook.

3. Send promotional E-mails ! :Promotional E-mails are regularly sent by on the glorious radiant history of Hindus, and about our Saints and Sages, National heroes, Holy festivals, Religious festivals etc. Forward these E-mails to your friends and relatives.

Dear Children ! Use the TV, mobile phone and the internet constructively, participate in the mission of serving the Nation and Dharma and fulfill the purpose of your life !