Time Management Tips

Friends, have you ever realised that we utilise 80 percent of our time on things of lesser importance; thus achieving only 20 percent results. On the contrary, we spend only 20 percent of our time for important things. Because of this, we fall short of time. Thus, in order to achieve maximum results, time management is of utmost importance.

Time Management Tips

Following points, if given due consideration, will help to make the task of time management easy :

1. First, decide the objectives / tasks.

2. Categorise the objectives according to time required to achieve them, as long term and short term objectives.

3. Now make a list of pending tasks and things to do.

4. Sort this list as per following categories :

a) Urgent and important work
b) Urgent but less important work
c) Important but less urgent work and
d) Other.

5. To simplify planning, give priority to tasks under ‘Urgent and important work’ category, followed by other categories.

6. Always think how you can make good use of the available time. Consider the waiting period as a bonus.

7. Try to complete the work that you have undertaken.

8. Listen attentively, e.g. while taking a message, make sure you have understood it properly. While delivering the message, make sure that the other person has understood it properly.

Using a diary to avoid wastage of time

It is necessary to study things that are responsible for wastage of our time. This is essential to avoid wastage of time. To do this, maintain a diary of your daily routine. In the diary, write down the reasons for wastage of time and work out corrective actions.

Note that, ‘Time Management is Self Management’. Only those who can manage themselves properly can mange others too properly. Thus, time management increases our productivity.