Parents, give your children meaningful names !

Nowadays, many parents meaninglessly name their child as Prayal, Lawila, Aashita etc. Some parents even name them in anglicized words such as Vicky, Rita, Dolly, Sweety, etc. However, parents must realise that children do not accrue benefits at the spiritual level through such meaningless names. By naming children with anglicized words is a sort of admittance to slavery of Westerners. Are we still going to live as slaves, even after attaining independence? By naming children with anglicized words, we seem to overlook our own culture.

It is beneficial to name the baby as per the Shastra (Spiritual Science) of Namakaran Vidhi (Naming Ceremany). The name affects a person’s mind, behaviour and then life in turn.

1. Benefits of spiritually meaningful names

A. Spiritually meaningful names help in inculcating sanskars (Subconscious impressions) on children, and their attitude turns according to the meaning conveyed by the names : Every time a child hears or utters its name, sanskar conveyed by that name is inculcated in the child. It helps to inadvertently develop the child’s temperament according to the name. For example, if a child’s name is ‘Samarpan’ (which means Sacrifice), then an attitude of sacrifice will develop in the child. If a girl’s is named as ‘Archana’, thoughts of worshipping Deities will be imbibed in her mind.

B. As per the principles of Spirituality, bhav (Spiritual emotion) or vibrations is generated in the child : As per the principles of Spirituality, ‘Word, touch, form, taste, fragrance and their energies co-exist’. For example, if a girl’s name is ‘Anandi’ (Blissful), then as per the above principle, she will acquire the benefit of frequencies related to happiness and bliss and it will help her in always being blissful.

2. How many letters should be there in a child’s name ?

As per the scriptures,

A. The total number of letters (In Devnagari script) in a boy’s name should be an even number, i.e. 2, 4, 6, etc

B. The total number of letters (In Devnagari script) in a girl’s name should be an odd number, i.e. 3, 5, 7, etc.

Examples of some spiritual names :

A. Boys : Devidas, Ramdas, Gurudas, Samarpan, Premanand, Nityanand, Sadanand, Vinay, Anand.

B. Girls : Archana, Aarti, Prarthana, Sadhana, Namrata,Namita, Vinaya, Rutuja, Suvidhya, Aanandi, Swanandi, Mokshada.