Story of Shrikrishna killing demon Narkasur

There is a story in Shrimadbhagvat-Puran as follows – A powerful demon called Bhoumasur (or Narkasur) ruled a place named Pragjyotishpur. He began harassing Deities and people alike. Then this cruel demon began to harass women. He imprisoned sixteen thousand young princesses who he won in battles, and planned to marry them. This created chaos everywhere. When Shrikrishna heard of this, along with Satyabhama He attacked the demon, killed him and set all princesses free. The dying Narkasur asked Shrikrishna for a boon, “On this tithi let one who has a mangalsnan (auspicious bath) not suffer in hell.” Shrikrishna granted him this boon. Consequently, Ashvin Chaturdashi came to be known as Narak Chaturdashi and on this day people started having sabhyang snan before sunrise. When Shrikrishna returned home at dawn after slaying Narkasur, adorning a tilak of Narkasur’s blood on His forehead, Nanda gave Him an auspicious bath. The women expressed their joy by doing His Arti.’