Youth, dont fall prey to westernized celebration of ‘Friendship Day’ !

Youth should follow teachings of Hindu Dharma by getting ‘Dharma-shikshan’ rather than falling prey to western perverseness like celebration of ‘Friendship Day’ !

First Sunday of the month of August is celebrated as ‘Friendship Day’. This year, it will be celebrated on 3rd August. It is observed that in the name of ‘friendship’, boys and girls give a treat to each other, tie ‘friendship’ bands on each others’ wrists etc. Such scenarios have become very common in most schools and colleges, on a very large scale. Does tying of a band really assist friendship to enhance ? True friendship is helping each other during difficult times; helping to bring them on the right path in case they go astray etc. Many examples of helping each other in difficult times are found in ancient history of Hindus; e.g. meeting of ‘Srikrushna – Sudama’. Hindus are, however, emulating the path of western culture and feel the need for exhibition of friendship, when not warranted. In the present times, the real friendship needs to be shown by creating awareness amongest friends towards attacks taking place on nation, Dharma and Hindu culture; motivating them to take part in activities for protection of nation and Dharma !

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat