Awakening patriotism through songs

Children, all of you do some household work as a member of the family. Likewise as a citizen of the nation, you have certain duties towards your nation as well. To fulfilll these duties you need to have pride for your nation.

Learn various patriotic songs

A. The words ‘Vande Mataram’ were always on the lips of the revolutionaries who sacrificed their lives for attaining freedom of the country. Thus, the song ‘Vande Mataram’ reminds us of their sacrifice. As this song is in the Divine language, Sanskrut, the one singing it as well as the one listening to it, is benefited from its Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness). Children should memorise this song in full and learn to sing it in tune.

B. Children should listen to various patriotic songs from CDs or cassettes (to name a few -‘Shivkalyan Raja’, ‘Maze Rashtra Mahan’), memorise and sing them.

Select ‘Vande Mataram’ or any other patriotic song as the ‘group song’ in any group singing competition in school or at other places. Coming together and singing patriotic songs help in developing a sense of unity amongst children.
A few of such songs are available on our website, on the following link (in Marathi) :


Children should learn to sing povadas (ballads, i.e. songs telling popular stories of valour) which narrate the valiant history and inspirational biographies of great kings and leaders like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maharana Pratap. Listening and singing of povadas helps in developing and awakening our patriotism.

The effects of singing patriotic songs on the common public

1. Understand the meaning of bhajans lullabies, patriotic songs, povadas, etc. while learning and singing them.

2. The emotion of the listeners is awakened when students sing devotional songs. Likewise, patriotism of the listeners is arisen when students having patriotism sing patriotic songs.

Singing devotional songs and patriotic songs in various programmes

Sing devotional songs, patriotic songs, povadas, etc. in singing competitions, school gatherings and other programmes. Awaken committees to organise programmes of devotional songs and patriotic songs, instead of organising functions like orchestra. This symbolizes our patriotism.

Organising song programmes at public places that increase one’s devotion towards God and the Nation, helps in enhancing our pride for the Nation and Dharma and also increases our sattvikta (purity). Also, role model of Saints, patriots and revolutionaries is put in front of the society instead of actors and actresses of low morality.

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