Saints Omniscience

Friends, Saints are the Sagun (Materialised) form of God. Hence, we can find all the qualities of God in them. Those devotees who have faith in this fact have actually experienced it; however, some people do not believe in this. At that time, Saints try to make them realise this fact through the commonly occurring everyday incidents, and thus increase their faith in God. Now let us see how Shri Swami Samarth, a Saint from Akkalkot, who was an incarnation of Deity Datta, made one boy realise the omniscience of Saints.

Swami Samarth had a devotee named Cholappa. Once, Cholappa requested Swami Samarth to stay with him in his house. Swami Samarth complied with his request and went to stay at Cholappa’s house. One day, Cholappa’s sister-in-law came to visit Cholappa. At night, she used to place her nose-ring on her bed and sleep. Cholappa’s nephew observed this. Everyday, he used to get up early in the morning to bring flowers from the garden. That morning, he stole the nose-ring while going to the garden. When Cholappa’s sister-in-law woke up in the morning, she was unable to find the nose-ring her husband had gifted so lovingly! She was panic-stricken.

Swami Samarth was everything for the residents of Akkalkot. He was their guardian, their physician as well as their astrologer. Hence, on being unable to find her nose-ring, Cholappa’s sister-in-law too approached Swami Samarth. She narrated everything to Swami Samarth and started crying. Swami Samarth consoled her and said, “Don’t cry. Calm down and sit here. You will find your nose-ring.” She wiped her eyes and sat down. One hour passed. She again started whining. Swami Samarth said, “Wait, you will get back your nose-ring. Don’t worry.”

After a while, Chollapa’s nephew came back from the garden. Swami Samarth said to him, “Son, look she is crying. Give her nose-ring to her.” On hearing this, the boy was stumped. He somehow steadied himself and said, “What nose-ring? I do not know what you are talking about.” Swami Samarth was annoyed. He shouted, “The nose-ring which you stole in the morning. Give it back to her.” On seeing Swami Samarth angry, the boy was terrified. He took out the nose-ring and gave it back to the lady.

Friends, this story shows the omniscience of Saints. Saints are the sagun (materialised) form of God. We cannot hide anything from Saints. Stealing, lying are sinful acts. When we do such sinful acts, we think that God knows nothing. But, that is not the case. God knows everything and our sins never go unpunished. That is why children, we should always live a life of truth.